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Hemorrhoids Treatment Results The subject of hemorrhoids (piles) is not something that is openly discussed in polite conversation. Therefore for many men and women, the occurrence of hemorrhoids, including their symptoms, diagnosis, prevention as well as treatment remains something of a mystery.

Suffering from hemorrhoids without the aid of effective treatment can be extremely painful as well as embarrassing. Unless proper treatment is applied, the sufferer runs a very real risk of the problem escalating until surgery becomes the only and final option.

There are many products available for treating this problem. The real challenge is finding a permanent cure that will work the fastest and be the most effective for you.

Manufacturers of prescription medications and over the counter remedies claim that their product has the best formulas or finest ingredients, but how can you really be sure what’s best for you?

To help you choose the right therapy to heal your hemorrhoids we have listed some of the top rated treatments below, giving you enough information in order to make an informed decision. This will prevent trying to find a solution through the trial and error. We have researched the most popular therapies that get positive results and help treat the condition without any side effects.

Our criteria for choosing the best treatment methods currently available:

1) Experts’ Analysis: Our panel of experts analyze each treatment and grade them based on the following criteria: criterion:

1. Overall Efficacy 4. Uses FDA Approved Ingredients
2. Safety/Lack of Side Effects 5. Long-Term Results
3. Reputation of Manufacturer 6. Overall Value

2) Consumer Ratings: We take into consideration the feedback submitted to our website by our readers. This information strengthens our evaluation of actual case studies where the treatments have proved to be as effective as promised. Your feedback is factored into which procedures or remedies are the most popular with consumers and, more importantly, the most effective.

The Most Effective Options

The two treatments below have proved to be better than the others in terms of achieving fast results and quick relief. We are not suggesting that you avoid trying other treatments, but if you are serious about finding a fast and effective way to cure your bulging hemorrhoids, we believe that these top treatments will deliver the best results.

#1 Venapro

Type of Medication:Topical and Oral
Side Effects:None
User Ratings:10/10
Money Back Gurantee:2 Months

VenaproVenapro is the #1 rated treatment for hemorrhoid relief formulated to relieve all symptoms and shrink haemorrhoids in as little as only five days. Venapro works for all types of hemorrhoids (internal external or bleeding haemorrhoids). It reduces inflamed growths and mucus production that causes severe itching.

It includes oral pills as well as a sublingual spray. Venapro’s powerful formula has been clinically proven to get long lasting results fast. It constitutes FDA approved ingredients that work quickly to combat both severe as well as mild and moderate cases, affording significant and instant relief from pain, itching, lumps and swelling.

Venapro is much more than just a topical cream, as it treats both internal as well as external hemorrhoids protruding from the anus. Venapro’s all natural solution also regulates your bowel and relieves constipation by eliminating dry, hard stools. Combined with a high fiber diet, increased water intake these are important factors in yielding immediate relief from the painful symptoms.

Venapro is a holistic herbal product without side effects which is not only a highly effective cure but will also help prevent further reoccurrences of this painful condition. Pregnant women should consult a medical professional before use.


HemorrhoidBefore and After Results

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#2 Avatrol

Type of Medication:Topical and Oral
Side Effects:None
User Ratings:8/10
Money Back Gurantee:2 Months

Avatrol is one of the new treatments available, formulated to cure the condition by getting to the root of the problem. It comes in capsule form that is taken twice a day. Avatrol uses a synergistic blend of natural ingredients designed to encourage gastrointestinal and circulatory health. It softens stools and promotes regularity. Avatrol treats hemorrhoids naturally without using synthetic or potentially harmful substances. Because it’s a herbal solution, Avatrol won’t cause any side effects and is completely safe to use.

Avatrol has proved itself to be an excellent option, however, because Venapro employs a two-part system that addresses the problem both internally as well as externally, Venapro should be regarded as the more effective treatment for serious cases. Case studies have shown that it tends to be the quickest and best solution for both internal and external hemorrhoids.


Alternative and Radical Procedures

Surgical Option #1 Hemorrhoidectomy:

Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical procedure to remove thrombosed hemorrhoidal lumps while under a general anesthetic. The lumps are removed by making incisions in the tissue surrounding the hemorrhoids. This is done using either a scalpel, a laser, or a cautery pencil (an electrical tool). The surgical area is then either sewn up or left open with medicated gauze to cover the wound. Hemorrhoidectomy is known to be an extremely painful procedure. Oral pain killers or injections are given to alleviate pain.

Surgical Option #2 – Hemorrhoidopexy

This medical technique performed by a doctor uses a stapling device in order to remove hemorrhoidal tissue from the rectum. No incisions are made. The inflamed tissue is usually lifted before being “stapled” back in place inside the anal canal. Stapled surgery is less painful after surgery than traditional hemorrhoid surgery. However, people who undergo stapled surgery are far more likely to have a reoccurrence and will very likely need surgery again at a later stage.

Haemorrhoid Banding

Hemorrhoid banding involves placing a tight elastic band at the base of the prolapsed hemorrhoids in order to stop the circulation and cut off the blood supply. The hemorrhoids usually fall off eventually. Although effective, this is also known to be an extremely painful procedure and there may be some complications such as excessive bleeding or open sores occurring in the banding area.

Doctor’s advise to avoid exercise, lifting heavy weights and straining during bowel movements for some time. Use of moist toilet paper to avoid irritation is also recommended for few weeks after the procedure.

Recurrence is possible with above detailed invasive methods. In order to prevent it one has to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Plenty of fiber which comes from fruits, vegetables and whole grains should be included in daily diet along with 6 to 8 glasses of water.  No spicy or oily food should be consumed.

Home Remedies

There are several homeopathic or holistic remedies used at home. Some of these have proved to be relatively effective in reducing irritation, swelling and easing pain.

  1. Aloe Vera, potatoes & vinegar:

All of these substances have acerbic, anti-inflammatory properties that may successfully reduce the mass of the hemorrhoids and help alleviate the discomfort. A cotton ball can be used to apply small amounts of vinegar or aloe vera to the area. Alternately, you may grate a raw potato and allow it to chill for a while before applying it for a period of around 15 minutes.

  1. Witch Hazel:

Witch hazel is able to help shrink small lumps as well as reduce pain and other discomfort such as itching. A cotton ball soaked in Witch Hazel should be applied for between 5 – 10 minutes. Rinse the area thoroughly afterwards. Home remedies such as these will certainly afford some temporary relief against painful or uncomfortable symptoms, but will not eliminate the problem with any degree of certainty and, in the end, may only delay the healing process – or worsen the problem until surgery becomes the only (and last) resort.

Other popular ways include warm sitz baths, cold packs, ayurvedic preparations, coconut oil, petroleum jelly corticosteroid creams, suppositories, laxatives etc.

A Word on Prescription Medications

With the advent of excellent and proven over the counter natural remedies available without prescription, there is no longer any need to resort to harmful drugs with known (or unknown) side effects in order to effectively cure or retard bleeding hemorrhoids. Preparations with absolutely no side effects such as Venapro or Avatrol will instantly soothe and gradually eliminate hemorrhoids completely within 4-8 weeks of regular use. More importantly, by using a natural solution there will be no need for radical, expensive and painful surgery later on.

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